Family Law Attorneys of Minnesota

When facing life changes, Baker Vicchiollo Law is here to help you move through and move past legal barriers so that you can write your next chapter.

The experience of our attorneys throughout the courts in all the metropolitan counties of the Twin Cities and beyond affords a knowledge base and reputation that is essential when considering legal proceedings that may require court intervention. Just as important is our ability to help individuals and families resolve issues outside of the court system, through negotiation and other approaches to settle disputes.

The approach, the strategy, and the level of assertiveness are tailored to fit within your parameters ranging from consultative to collaborative to litigation. The experience of our firm and the range of our services gives you the options that will best address your legal matter, in the context of your individual situation.

We have located our firm within the Collaborative Alliance offices so that we have immediate access to the best in the family law practice area and related disciplines, including the extensive network of resources beyond our office walls. This, along with the experience of our attorneys and paralegals, provides for efficient, one-stop service options.

If you or someone you know in the greater Twin Cities area of Minneapolis, St. Paul, or throughout Minnesota needs the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to guide you safely through a trying legal matter, contact us today, at 952-405-2050, or use the contact form provided on this site to schedule a free 45-minute consultations.

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