Estate Planning

Estate planning is vital to ensuring the smooth transfer of personal and business assets and concerns pertaining to the care and financial support of your children or other heirs. A well-thought-out estate plan can even anticipate taxation and asset growth. Our attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist you in creating a will, trust, power-of-attorney, and healthcare directives and have the resources for additional assistance with more complex estate planning matters, estate administration, or probate.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have planned for the inevitable brings peace of mind. Taking care of your personal business is a gift to your loved ones who will not have to go through the rigors of probate or try to determine what your wishes might have been pertaining to the care of your children, distribution of assets, or division of property. Furthermore, you can decide, ahead of time, wishes for charitable gifting, legacy planning, business succession, and designation of personal artifacts. Our experienced attorneys will walk you through all the possible considerations.

Taking Care of Yourself and Easing the Burden on Family & Friends

You can also take care of yourself through the establishment of healthcare directives which provides instructions if you become incapacitated. Medical crisis and end-of-life care is an emotional and traumatic time for loved ones. Healthcare directives can help ease the difficulty for those you trust to make decisions on your behalf and which following your wishes.

Resources to Address all Estate Sizes and Complexities

While we may not be able to address every aspect of an estate plan, being located within the Collaborative Alliance group of practitioners, we have access to experts who can assist with all aspects of your estate planning and administration needs.

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